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Would you like to work for us?

IF you are a finalist, or a graduate, or post-graduate in:

  • Biology,

  • Biotechnology,

  • Bioinformatics,

  • Aquaculture or similar,

  • Chemistry

  • Environmental Engineering

  • or Applied Legal Consultancy for Biotechnology H&S standards and bioethics

  • or 'OTHER'  (please specify)

And IF you are looking for a challenging but gratifying professional life in a micro-SME focusing on bio-based (algae) R&D and consultancy,


And IF you see yourself willing to contribute to the field of Blue Growth and the Bioeconomy


And IF you have some grasp of searching for funding, sponsorships and research grant opportunities

Then... Consider joining us! :) 

We like to keep things efficient, effective and personalized. So, simply send us (in English OR in Portuguese):



  • A detailed copy of your cv 

  • A brief application letter explaining the reasons for your application, how you think you will fit in and what will be the valuable contribution you may bring to the team and to the company. 

  • A short self-assessment stating your two best and your two worst qualities (relevant to a professional context).

We will acknowledge the reception of your application.

If you are pre-selected to interview, you will then be requested to provide:


  • TWO confidential reference letter to be sent to us directly by email (to: clearly stating your name in the Subject area. 

IF you still have no work references, we will accept reference letters from relevant lecturers / tutors /  professors from your most recent degree, or post-grad course, or internship, or technical training course.



  • Two confidential references from friends/colleagues testifying on your personality, best and worst qualities (as perceived by them).

  • Please advise them to send the reference to us by email (to: clearly stating your name in the Subject area.

The documents and letters may be either in English OR in Portuguese.