Pre-normative & Co-normative RESEARCH

(PNR & CNR) 

Building bridges between algae-based R&I (research and innovation) teams,

and the development / improvement of relevant standards and regulatory frameworks. 

We follow and aim to participate in the further development of CEN/TC411 and CEN/TC454.


We provide support to academic and industrial R&D teams to embed pre-normative research (PNR) and co-normative research (CNR)  of biobased (and more specifically algae-based) novel product development (from proof of concept to scale up production and introduction to market).


Algae-based / cyanobacteria-based (including industrial wastewater grown)  and algal/cyanobacterial GMO-based  product development is increasingly becoming attractive across most industries. However, the development of reliable and exhaustive supporting guidance, norms and standards is still at its infancy. Whilst aware this is a very niche market, we aim to modestly contribute to fill in this gap as collaborative research into this field continues.

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